Pennsylvania man wins $2.08M lottery jackpot while visiting Michigan

A Pennsylvania man visiting family in Michigan won a $2.08 million jackpot from the Michigan Lottery during his trip.

The 59-year-old Pennsylvania man told Michigan Lottery officials he bought a ticket for the Lotto 47 drawing during a stop at Shoppers Market Plus in Warren.

The man’s ticket, bearing the numbers 07-12-22-24-30-37, was a $2.08 million jackpot winner. The ticket was for the Sept. 25, 2021, drawing, but the man waited nearly a year to collect his prize.

“I purchased the ticket while I was in Michigan visiting family,” the player said. “When I checked the winning numbers and saw I’d won the jackpot, I was in disbelief! I waited to claim my prize until I had a plan in place for the money.”

The man said his plans for the money include buying a new truck and saving for retirement.